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The HIPERPAV® (HIgh PERformance Concrete PAVing) software is used to analyze the early age behavior of jointed concrete pavements, continuously reinforced concrete pavements, and bonded concrete overlays.
What is HIPERPAV? Check out the About section, which introduces the aspects of HIPERPAV, including its evolution, theory, software functionality, applications, validation, software implementation and screenshots.

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Webinars are now available for HIPERPAV! Through this innovative web-based means of training, participants can learn about HIPERPAV in the convenience of your office in real-time—all you need is an internet connection and a phone!

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HIPERPAV III Release Candidate (RC) is now available! This RC is available for download to collect feedback from users before the final version of HP III is released this summer.

With an improved software interface and several modeling enhancements you can count on ease of use and improved accuracy of prediction for reduced premature cracking risk easier than ever. Below are some of the enhancements incorporated in HIPERPAV III: Improved Software Interface:

  1. Simple vs. Advanced Strategy View. An improved interface allows you to navigate through the software with more ease.
  2. Multiple Strategy Batch Mode: With HIPERPAV III, if you have multiple strategies, you can run them all at once by selecting “batch mode” from the Strategy Menu and checking the strategies you want to run.
  3. Quick Compare. The Quick Compare screen offers you a chance to quickly make comparisons of up to 4 strategies simultaneously.
  4. Sensitivity Comparisons. In this mode you can do multiple sensitivity analysis varying one input at a time for a given strategy (base case strategy).

Modeling Enhancements:

  1. Enhanced Moisture Characterization. This is the primary enhancement made in this version. With the new moisture modeling improvements now you can more realistically compare the effect of various curing strategies and environmental conditions. The potential for PCCP early-age cracking due to moisture changes is now calculated in HIPERPAV III by a one-dimensional finite-difference model that relates materials, environmental effects, and curing procedures.
  2. Heat Evolution Characterization. HIPERPAV III now has the ability to characterize heat hydration of concrete mixtures from semi-adiabatic calorimetry testing. This new addition also improves the software accuracy in predicting thermal stress and strength development.

The HIPERPAV team is committed to reducing cracking risks thus minimizing hefty expenditures on slab replace and removal operations. The next steps will focus on exploring a production version of HIPERPAV with automated weather data entry and automated cracking risk analysis and reporting. Download the entire press release here (.pdf, 351 KB).

Take a tour of what HIPERPAV III has to offer by clicking here.