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deldot_logo  DelDOT

Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) started including HIPERPAV in their design specifications in 2011.

caltrans_logo  Caltrans

Caltrans included HIPERPAV in their updated specifications for 2010.

ODOT Logo  Ohio DOT

Since 2005, the Ohio Department of Transportation has been implementing HIPERPAV into their concrete specifications. Find their most current specifications here:

WSDOT Logo  Wisconsin DOT

In 2003, WisDOT modified the FHWA concrete pavement analysis software to use materials and conditions that are unique to Wisconsin, replacing the broad national inputs in the FHWA version of the software. WisDOT expects this new Wisconsin version of HIPERPAV to help DOT engineers and contractors design and build even higher quality concrete pavements throughout Wisconsin. The Wisconsin version of HIPERPAV includes new inputs and terms that better represent Wisconsin’s concrete pavement industry. A new cement library allows users to choose different cement types from local cement manufacturing plants. Agency officials have already made the software available statewide, and since the original custimization, WisDOT has included the use of HIPERPAV in their QC plans and specifications.

A HIPERPAV newsletter was developed for the Wisconsin DOT. To download a copy, click here.

Read about what other DOTs have to say about HIPERPAV:

Jay Goldbaum, Colorado DOT
“We use HIPERPAV to evaluate the design and initial construction practices of the Contractor on some of our major PCCP projects.”

Tommy Nantung, Indiana DOT
“We view this as an excellent forensic tool, but a little bit difficult as a construction tool. To make the contractors aware of the characteristics of their materials and provide them with possible problems and solutions.”

Ashraf Mohammed, CalTrans
“Yes, we did use [it] to defend the State against the Contractor claims… I may use it in a proactive way to share the info with the Contractor before paving starts.”

Kelly Yokotake, Nevada DOT
“We use it to approximate the best time to place concrete.”