The Transtec Group has been approached by contractors and agencies in regards to receiving HIPERPAV training, and recognizes a growing need for specialized training and support due to widespread implementation and increased specification by many State DOT’s, including CalTrans, WisDOT, ODOT, and more. We are happy to provide the following services to help make your HIPERPAV implementation successful.


Transtec offers multiple training options to meet your specific needs. All HIPERPAV training is highly customizable to suit your requests and applications. Whether you are just getting started, or you are a long-time user and simply need to learn about the new HIPERPAV III and its improved interface and modeling enhancements, we can tailor our sessions to your level of experience.

WEBINAR – Through this innovative web-based method of training, participants can learn about HIPERPAV in the convenience of your office in “real-time” – all you need is an internet connection and a phone! These sessions are available in one, two, and four-hour blocks, depending on your needs.

CLASSROOM – If a classroom setting is more appropriate for your organization, Transtec offers in-person HIPERPAV instruction on-site. These sessions usually last four to six hours and offer a more traditional approach to learning.

Each method of instruction includes hands-on training on the following topics, among others:

  • Predicting and preventing uncontrolled cracking in concrete pavements at early ages
  • Determining the optimum joint sawcutting window during construction
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of curing methods and procedures
  • Helping to expedite opening a concrete pavement
  • Quantifying the risks of using stabilized bases
  • Predicting the impact of climatic conditions on pavement performance

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