HIPERPAV Slag includes a number of typical aggregate types including slag aggregate as an input. With HIPERPAV Slag, contractors, owners/agencies, and materials suppliers have the option to characterize the effects of slag aggregate as part of their HIPERPAV use. The transport of heat to, from, and within a concrete slab is one of the key models in HIPERPAV. This fundamental mechanism is driven by the thermodynamic characteristics of the concrete. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that the coarse aggregate is the most influential constituent in the mix with respect to thermal properties. Due to its unique mineralogy and pore structure, slag aggregates possess thermal properties unlike other aggregates. Sponsored by EDW C. Levy Co., HIPERPAV Slag provides a reliable means to assess the impact of slag aggregates on concrete pavement behavior.


SmartCure is a derivative product of the HIPERPAV system. With the use of SmartCure the user can now graphically monitor the curing process in real time and be warned whenever a risk for damage to the pavement structure is identified as a function of climatic conditions. SmartCure consists of software routines integrated with field monitoring devices that measure climatic conditions and PCC temperatures on a continuous basis during the construction process. User-defined guidelines as a function of the current conditions are made available to ensure adequate development of concrete properties, and thus prevent damage of the pavement from inadequate curing. These guidelines can be tailored to a particular project following local specifications.